Paint Care Ultra

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  • Visit to view SONAX premium car care products utilized to preseve your interiors new car look


  • Nanoskin Autoscrub cleans and smooth vehicle paint surface for a show car smooth surface
  • Sanding/Preparation - if necessary
  • Paint Care Plus service plus SONAX CutMax to provide the ultimate cut with excellent gloss results
  • *Our proven long-term reliable 12 month Max Protection
  • Max Protection leaves a deep shine, uniform appearance, and smooth touch
  • We apply SONAX Polymer Net Shield for longer-term protection and then add a top ooat for increased protection with SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax
  • Upcharge for Ceramic Coatings
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Paintwork & Paint Enhancement

    Paintwork care is the supreme discipline in professional car valeting.  The top-quality SONAX care products restore the original gloss of paintwork that has become dull and matt through climatic influences, and lastingly protect against harmful influences. 




    *Harsh chemicals like those used at traditional tunnel washes diminishes the effectiveness and durability of your vehicles paint protection. A vehicle maintenance program is the best process for maximizing paint protection and maintaining your vehicles new car look.

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