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  • Visit to view SONAX premium car care products utilized to preseve your interiors new car look


  • We first mechanically decontaminate the paint
  • We then restore the paint finish with multiple surface correction procedures,
  • Next we polish the finish to perfect clarity.
  • For a deep shine, uniform appearance, and smooth touch, we add SONAX Premium Carnauba Wax
  • Or upgrade to SONAX Polymer Net Shield for longer lasting protection.
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Show Detail

    A Concours approach to detailing, we put your valued posession through a series of paint correction procedures that ultimately creates a flawless finish on your show car, or collectible. Our detailing products are German premium products engineered waterbase and silicone free.

    • Highest-level quality
    • High-gloss surface
    •  Complete Car Care 

    Marcus Andrews is a automtive surface specialist who has over 15 years experience in the auto detail industry having received training as early as 2001 from and years later trained and certified with SONAX International Trainer and some of the most recongonized Legendary Detailers in the Industry.

    TIPTOP Detail Techs are certified professional detailers that have experience in multiple sectors of detailing from scratch removal and paint correction, marine detailing and more. We are Car Care Guys.  Expect More! Expect Clean! Expect TIPTOP!


    Schedule your vehicle consultation today for price and services!

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