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  • Visit to view SONAX premium car care products utilized to preseve your interiors new car look


  • Nanoskin Autoscrub cleans and smooth vehicle paint surface for a show car smooth surface
  • 5 steps to quality paint care
  • Sanding/Preparation - if necessary
  • Paint Care Plus service
  • *Our proven long-term reliable 12 month Max Protection
  • Max Protection leaves a deep shine, uniform appearance, and smooth touch
  • Add SONAX Polymer Net Shield for longer-term protection and then add a top ooat for increased protection with SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax
  • We offer Ceramic Coating! Charges apply
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Paintwork & Enhancement

    Paintwork care is the supreme discipline in professional car valeting.  The top-quality SONAX car products restores the original gloss of paintwork that has become dull and matt through climatic influences, and lastingly protect against harmful influences. 


    Great for Black, Red, or individuals who view their vehicle as an investment and wants to perserve that new car look.

    Nanoskin AutoScrub removes most surface bonded contaminants.

    Polishing step No. 1

    Polishing step No. 2 - if necessary

    Checking the polishing results

    Preservation/Sealing protects like a second skin

    *Polymer Net Shield Paintwork Coating provides long term protection up to 6 months

    We offer Ceramic Coating! Charges apply

    The cost of our Paintwork service depends on the severity of the clearcoat's condition and size of the vehicle

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