Showroom Car Detailing

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  • Visit to view SONAX premium car care products utilized to preserve your interiors new car look


  • Our production detailing for the Luxury car industry
  • Dual or Single stage procedures that utilize SONAX Profiline Polishes
  • Multiple polishing steps revitalizes your vehicles paint finish to showroom look
  • We offer various vehicle protection pakages from SONAX
  • We will help you choose the right vehicle paint protectin for you from;
  • High Speed Wax; Liquid Hybrid Wax; Premium Carnauba Wax
  • For longer lasting protections upgrade to 6 month SONAX Polymer Net Shield or 12 month Ceramic Coat
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Luxury Detail

    Our Showroom auto detail package restores that new car look to your vehicle. We offer two distinguished packages. Fine Luxury dual-stage polishing which is great for negected, marred, worn dull paint finishes  or Luxury single stage polishing which is great for maintaining your new car look on any new or slightly worn paint finish.

    What to expect; 

    Quickly restores showroom color and brilliance. 

    • Eliminates slight signs of wear. 
    • Eliminates light scratches.   
    • SONAX Premium Carnuaba wax
    • Excellent on any paint finish.
    • Best package for Black, Red, or Dark color paint finishes.

    Without fear of:

    • Heat buildup
    • Damage to trim pieces
    • Damage to moldings
    • Damage to gaskets
    • Swirl marks and holograms

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