Paint Care Plus

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  • Visit to view SONAX premium car care products utilized to preserve your interiors new car look


  • Great for Black, Red, or individuals who view their vehicle as an investment and wants to perserve that new car look.
  • 5 steps to quality paint care
  • Nanoskin AutoScrub removes most surface bonded contaminants.
  • Polishing step No. 1
  • Polishing step No. 2 - if necessary
  • Checking the polishing results
  • Preservation/Sealing protects like a second skin
  • *Polymer Net Shield Paintwork Coating provides long term protection up to 6 months
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Full Service Detailing

    This is the right place to come for efficient professional paint care and detailing.



     * The ICA International Carwash Association recommends washing at least twice per month is the best way to maintain your vehicles paint finish, more frequent washing may occur in regions where climatic weather changes occurs . Manual hand washing with SONAX premium car wash shampoo and microfiber mitts delivers the best results when more frequent washing is desired minimizing the chance of wash marks to vehicle paint and damages cause by traditional tunnel car washes.