Exotic Car Detailing

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  • Our surface specialist 1st diagnoas every paint finish before proceeding
  • After a paint decontamination procedure to create a smooth adhering surface, we next perform any paint correction procedures as needed
  • Next, we perform a single or multiple stage polishing procedures to replenish and feed the paint to create a brilliant shine.
  • We then re-wash the paint and prep the finish for a 12 month hydrophobic ceramic coating
  • Additional premium carnauba wax top coating is optional
  • For no hydrophobic ceramic coatings choose either between our 6 month polymer sealant or premium carnauba wax
  • Or both for add paint depth and protection
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Geniune Detail

    Proper car care is essential to preserving the value and exclusivity of your exotic vehicle.  Our prestigious Genuine detail approach to car care, total vehicle protection, and high-end quality auto detailing service. Preserves the original beauty of your vehicle. Designed for most prestigious of vehicles.  

    SONAX Premium German Engineered brand has car care products for every essential part of your vehicle. Get maximium vechicle protection from; 6 month Polymer Sealant; 12 month Ceramic Coating; added protection of top coat Premium Carnauba Wax; Rim Coating to protect against brake dust and road grime. Interior Protection for your cock pit and dashboard components; leather care and protection; carpet care; glass cleaner. Engine compartment cleaner and coating; plastic restore.

    We are SONAX Brand Wholesalers. SONAX Premium Car Care works close with vehicle manufactures to insure proper premium car care use on every make and model.


    Call 317-289DTEL (3835) or schedule online for your vehicle consultation today.

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